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Romanian Women: How to Meet a Bride

Romania is a country which is located in Eastern Europe bordering Bulgaria, Moldova, Serbia, Hungry and the Ukraine.

Romanian women, along with other women from this area, are well known to be very attractive and may be seeking foreign husbands for marriage.

This area of Eastern Europe is a very common place for women to be attracted to mail order bride or marriage agencies.

The most common place in this local area of Eastern Europe is the Ukraine. Kiev (located in the Ukraine) is sometimes called the “city of brides”.

So, Why would a Romanian woman sign up for a international marriage or bride agency?

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Romanian women, and other women of this area (in Eastern Europe) will sign up for marriage or bride agencies for a variety of reasons. These reasons include economic, personal, and even the weather.

Poverty is generally very high and opportunity can be very low in Romania (or Eastern Europe), so these woman will seek a foreign relationship to change their current situation. They can live in a poor area with few available jobs. A foreign husband is often seen as a way to be removed from this location and start a new life with a Western husband.

Another reason that Romanian or women of the Ukraine state as their reason for signing up to marriage or bride agencies is the high rate of alcoholism or drug addiction in this area. This combined with few jobs and less economic opportunity, send these women seeking change in their lives, which may include a foreign husband.

The weather can even be a reason for a woman to use a mail order bride service. In Romania or the Ukraine, the weather can be below freezing much of the year. A woman seeking a warm climate and to be removed from the cold weather may become a mail order bride to change their location and move to a warmer climate.

What are Romanian women like?

Romania mail order brides are not as widely popular among Western guys as some other European women, which is why many of them know next to nothing about Romanian ladies. Here are the 5 best traits of Romanian brides

  • Striking looks. Women in Romania are rightfully proud of their beauty: it’s perfectly balanced, it’s unique even by the diverse European standards of beauty, and most importantly, it is 100% natural.
  • Laid-back attitude. Even when you meet Romanian women for the first time, you can’t help but notice how relaxed and uncomplicated they are. You can tell them anything and expect complete understanding in return.
  • Romantic nature. A typical Romanian lady has a lot going on in her life, but romance is what nurtures her and inspires her to do great things. Romanian brides have the ability to make their partner feel like the most important person in the world.
  • Unbeatable optimism. Life isn’t always easy for girls in Romania, but the possible hardships or obstacles only make them stronger and make them work harder to achieve the things they want.
  • Old-fashioned values. If you are looking for a woman who will become a diligent housewife and a mother to your children without putting her own ambitions first, a Romanian mail order bride is exactly who you need.

What is it like to date a Romanian woman?

Romanian women, like other women in this region, are notoriously attractive. Like other surrounding areas of Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Moldova), they are known to be blonde, blue eyed, and generally very attractive when compared to many women from different areas of the world.

One of the reasons that “mail order brides” are so sought out by European and Western men, is that they are seen as being very attractive.

Other characteristics of Romanian women may include a strong connection to family, spirituality, and a positive outlook towards foreigners.

Other popular areas where the dating ads can be dominated by the mail order bride or marriage industry are Thailand, areas of Asia, like Vietnam or Cambodia, as well as certain areas of South America like Columbia.

What is Romanian Dating Culture Like?

There are many holidays that are celebrated in Romania, especially around particular saints of the Orthodox church. This would be a good reason to give small gifts to your potential bride or suitor. It is very common for men to give women gifts on these holidays.

Women are very attached to their families in the areas of Romania and Eastern Europe. If you are trying to win points with a Romanian woman, it might help to get in tight with her family. Cooking is also very important, so you might try to help in the kitchen or try to hold a dinner party for her friends and family.

Another thing you may want to do to impress a Romanian woman is to take her traveling. Most people love to go on vacations and travel.

This is definitely true with the woman of Romania. Since Romania and other local areas of Eastern Europe can be poor areas, these women may not have done much traveling. This may especially be true with areas like the United States. The U.S. is a long, expensive, flight away from Romania, so a trip there may be high on their list of areas to travel. If you can afford to bring them in on a flight, many would jump at the opportunity to do so.

Where can you meet Romanian women?

In Romanian dating culture, the internet now is as popular as a way to meet Romanian girls as doing it in the streets, cafes, or parks. When you are using a trusted dating service to meet your ideal woman from Romania, you get to develop the relationship on your own terms. Dating a Romanian woman has never been so easy before!

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Bring Her into your Circle of Friends

Another way you might impress a Romanian woman is to introduce her to your circle of friends and family.

It can be helpful to show her a fun time and be social if you invite her for a visit. She will most likely want to hang out with you, but it is important to show her what your lifestyle is like.

You should let he know what kind of activities you do every day as well as your hobbies and interests. If you have any common hobbies, likes/dislikes, etc., this will help bring her close and let you get to know her.

If you take a Romanian woman out for dinner or a date, you are expected to pay. This is true with many women, especially if you are the one asking for a date. This is usually expected in more traditional cultures. The Orthodox religion is very popular in Romania. The more traditional a culture is, the more you will be expected to fit a traditional male role as a husband or boyfriend.

Date Ideas for Guys Trying to Impress Romanian Women

One idea for a date that may work well if you are trying to meet Romanian women is cooking lessons.

Romania is a traditional culture with a strong connection to family and the Orthodox religion. Women will often happily take on these gender roles and many times like to cook.

Of course everyone is different, but cooking can be a good type of activity which can be entertaining for women and fun for you to try.

Another idea that you may want to try if you are looking to impress a Romanian woman is to bring flowers or small gifts. There are many holidays tied the Romanian church, small gifts are frequently given for these holidays, so it may be a good thing to bring a small present.

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