Buying A Bride Online – Where And How To Buy a Wife in 2021

Some of you may have heard the phrase to buy a woman or to buy a bride online. First of all, it is important to say that it is just a phrase. It doesn’t mean that you actually buy a person. Online dating and mail order bride services have nothing to do with human trafficking and slavery. To buy a foreign girlfriend online simply means to pay for online dating services and get a chance to chat and date a woman from a different country. Simple, isn’t it? In fact, these services are truly very simple and convenient, and once you realize what you need to do to find a perfect match, you will no longer be a single man!

Is it legal to buy a wife from another country?

The legality of buying a bride online has been an acute problem for many men who want to try out online dating. In a nutshell, it is absolutely legal to buy mail order brides – it is just a form of communication that is regulated and controlled by all governments around the world. The federal government passed a few laws pertaining to the international dating industry. The Violence Against Women Act has ensured that every man who wants to marry a woman from a different country should follow a set of strict rules and guidelines. The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act also provides a strict set of rules and protects young women who are interested in online communication and a marriage with a man from the United States.

Most of the dating sites ensure that communication between men and brides remains secure, polite, and confidential. It is important for mail order bride services to provide maximum security to those who seek love and happiness online. Therefore, it is absolutely legal to buy mail order wives by using reputable and well-known sources.

Why do foreign women find the idea of marrying foreign guys attractive?

When you decide to buy wife online, you should know that the women you meet are as interested in marrying you as you are in marrying them. These are the top 5 reasons why you can now buy brides online without leaving your home.

  • Conditions in their own country. It’s no secret that life in many foreign countries can be far from ideal, especially for single young women. High unemployment rates, low wages, discrimination against women, and violence are just some of the issues women face.
  • Unhappiness with the local dating pool. There are some lucky foreign girls who are happily married to local guys, but many women also find men from their country or city unsuited for serious relationships, let alone marriage.
  • Personal ambitions. The number of foreign women who want to do more with their lives than just be a wife and a mother continues to grow. Unfortunately, that is not something they can easily achieve in their home countries.
  • Attraction to Western men. Even when a foreign lady has never met a Western man in person, she is perfectly familiar with the appearance and personality traits of a typical Western guy, and it’s safe to say she is attracted to them.
  • Fascination with a foreign way of living. To many foreign women, life in the Western part of the world seems exactly like the life they want to live. The opportunities, the lifestyle, and the culture of the Western world look very appealing to foreign brides.

The opportunity to buy brides has already changed the lives of thousands of foreign women and their Western partners, so maybe now it’s time to consider the same for you!

Advantages of looking for a foreign wife online

So, why should you care about buying a bride online? This form of communication and relationships is characterized by a couple of benefits. Let’s take a closer look at what makes the process of buying a foreign wife so appealing!

It is safe

As we have mentioned above, the industry is regulated by several laws that ensure that such relationships are formed based on love. If you decide to use a decent and respectable site, you can be sure that your personal data and information about your foreign brides will remain safe and secured.

It is cheap

Having a real-life date is usually a rather expensive thing – restaurants, presents, movie tickets, and other expenses can sum up to several thousand dollars a month. Online dating, on the other hand, doesn’t require you to spend nearly as much to succeed. Sure, you will have to pay for communication on dating sites. Yet average monthly expenses would rarely exceed $100-$300 per month, while you will enjoy hundreds, if not thousands, of beautiful mail order brides.

It is convenient

Mail order sites are designed to minimize actions needed to unite a single man from the United States with a single woman from some foreign country. Just a few things are between you and your potential future overseas wife. Learning about dating sites is easy and doesn’t require you to spend too much time.

It is popular

Lastly, buying a bride online is a rather popular thing to do nowadays. A lot of girls from Asia, Slavic countries, South America, and other regions know that there is a high demand for beautiful, loyal, and family-oriented women in the United States. Thus, the number of mail order wives increases every single month, allowing you to enjoy an exceptional diversity of beauties all over the world.

Where can I buy a wife — best countries for online dating?

When speaking about buying a girl, it usually means that you need to use a website and find a date there. Again, to buy a girl means to use an online platform with mail order brides — you don’t actually buy and own a person. We want to offer you a list of the most popular places where you can seek a woman for marriage. These regions and countries are considered ideal for single Americans who look for something serious and are family-oriented! In 2019, more than 35,000 foreign brides were bought in the United States! These numbers increase with each year as more and more girls realize the high demand for traditional women in this country.

Buy an Asian brides

Asia is the leader in mail order brides. In 2019 alone, more than 17,600 women moved to the United States and married American men. It is possible to say that men from the United States like Eastern beauties a lot! Let’s take a look at the most popular countries to buy a bride from:

  • The Philippines — 8,587 brides
  • Vietnam — 2,168 brides
  • China — 1,255 brides
  • Thailand — 979 brides
  • Japan — 568 brides

Buy an European brides

European women for marriage are also very popular among Americans for several reasons. First of all, European ladies are very beautiful. Secondly, they have a similar mentality to American girls. Lastly, they are very eager to marry a foreigner. In 2019, over 7,500 brides moved to the United States.

  • Ukraine — 1,089 girls
  • Russia — 962 girls
  • Armenia — 257 girls

Buy Latin American bride

Hot, passionate, and emotional, mail order brides from Latin countries can make you the happiest man in the world. The appeal for raw sexiness is very high among Western men, as over 8 thousand women moved to the United States in 2019. Let’s see where they came from:

  • Mexico — 2,027 ladies
  • Dominican Republic — 1,621 ladies
  • Colombia — 1,279 ladies
  • Brazil — 1,214 ladies

Buying a bride online — a helpful instruction how to do this

So what do you need to do to buy a bride? Honestly, the whole process isn’t difficult. You just need to follow this simple instruction, that’s all! Let’s take a look at what you need to do to find and buy a real wife!

  1. Choose a country and site. You need to figure out the country from which you wish to seek a girlfriend. After deciding, look for dating sites with brides from that country.
  2. Create an account and profile. A standard procedure for almost any dating platform. It will not take a lot of time.
  3. Start looking for a potential date. Here is where your journey actually begins. To buy a bride means to find an ideal woman for you.
  4. Buy premium membership or credits. Based on what type of site you choose, you will have to spend some money to actually interact and chat with foreign brides. While there might be free dating sites, we don’t recommend using them as they might be scams.
  5. Have fun with your dates. The goal of online communication is to have fun. You need to enjoy your dates with mail order brides.
  6. After spending some time, ask your date to become your wife if you have no problems with her.

It is important to note that buying a bride and getting her to the United States can be rather challenging as it requires a lot of documents. We will cover this issue later in the article, though!

Challenges that you may face while buying a mail order brides online

While online communication is rather simple and straightforward, you still may face some challenges along the way. We want to help you get ready and find the best solutions to those challenges in advance.

Poor communication skills

First of all, your dating skills might be a bit rusty. To have fluent and interesting conversations with your potential mail order wives, try researching a few things about their countries and culture – such information can help find topics for discussion. Also, remember to always be polite and respectful.

Language barrier

The fact that you can find a mail order bride from a different country is wonderful. However, it also brings the problems of miscommunication and misunderstanding. Even though most overseas brides learn English to find a husband, sometimes their English can be rather poor. You just need to be ready for potential barriers.

Documents required to bring your date to the United States

This is probably the most common issue that most men face. After successfully finding the love of your life, a lot of guys realize that a lot of bureaucratic issues have to be dealt with. You have two options while deciding to get married to a foreign bride. First, you can marry outside of the United States and then apply for a green card through the U.S. embassy. This option involves numerous forms and exams and is rather long.

You can also choose to marry your foreign bride in the United States, which will require a K1 visa for her. However, to get a K1 visa, you need to date for at least 2 years with your lady, which can be rather inconvenient for some people.

Cultural differences

Lastly, you need to understand that mail order brides come from different countries with different cultures. It is very important to learn at least a few things about dating and the family culture of these countries so that you do not say or do something offensive. Moreover, you need to be ready to have some differences in opinion.


To buy mail order brides, one should know a few things. However, this article helps you learn everything you need actually to go and buy a girlfriend online. The process of finding a wife online is not complicated or tiresome. It requires a little of your attention, a couple of dollars, and a desire to meet the most beautiful person in your life.

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