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How to Buy an Asian Mail Order Bride

If you are a single male over 40 years of age (with a little bit of baggage), you may considermeeting an asian bride from an “international marriage agency”…

Men (over 40) often have kids, maybe a divorce (or two), and some extra baggage. It can be difficult and expensive to date a suitable woman locally.

Finding an asian bride from an overseas marriage agency might make sense in this case.

Which Countries do Asian Brides commonly come from?

There are a 5 asian countries where women significantly outnumber men, there is a large financial disparity, a high rate of alcoholism (or drug addiction) in male population, or even just awful weather.

All four of these factors are present in the Ukraine and Russia. Many of these factors (except weather) are also present in Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, and China.

Thailand is one of the most common places for men to meet an asian bride.

Thailand is a poor country, with many woman who are looking at financial, or other types of opportunities that aren’t available in their home country. Many of these women come from poor, rural farming areas, then migrate towards the major cities like Bangkok.

They are sought out by bride agencies in these major cities, where men can meet, get to know, and possibly marry them.

Another common place that “asian mail order brides” come from is Cebu city in the Philippines. Cebu is a popular tourist destination which has a history of Spanish colonization.

The Culture of Asian Brides

One of the reasons that men look towards asian mail order brides is that asian woman are believed to be submissive, agreeable, and make good housewives.

This may be the case, but the attributes of ANY woman will differ form woman to woman. Significant age differences in the relationships between western and asian mail order brides will usually exist. Acceptable age differences in countries where mail order brides are common will vary.

What are the common age differences with Asian Brides?

In Russia and the Ukraine, an acceptable age difference in many relationships can be 10 – 20 years. European women tend to get married in their early 20’s and see older men as mature and financially responsible.

An age difference that may work in a successful relationship will vary based on the maturity level of the men and woman involved. Sociologists agree that a 20 year old woman can have the maturity level of a 30 year old woman in some cases. This will differ based on life experience, culture, and overall goals.

With asian brides, large age gaps are common, but less so. An acceptable age gap in asian countries like Thailand are about 10 years. Larger “age gaps” are more common with arranged marriages in these countries.

One of the main reason that older men seek asian mail order brides is that they are looking for a younger woman to marry (sometimes 20 – 30 years younger).

It is important that the man has realistic expectations about the type of woman that is available to him. If he is realistic, a foreign bride relationship is much more likely to be successful.

Language Differences with Asian Mail Order Brides

One of the difficulties that men face when searching for an asian bride are differences in language.

In many asian countries like Thailand or the Philippines, English is a commonly spoken language. While a woman form Cebu or Thailand might speak English, it is NOT always guaranteed that they will.

If you are interested in a potential relationship with an asian bride, you may consider working with them on their language skills or even sending them to school to improve their ability to communicate with you.

If a potential mate is interested in learning the language, you will be much better able to communicate. It may only take a few months for a woman to improve her language skills and allow you to communicate more easily. You might also want to learn her language as well!

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