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How to Buy a Russian Bride

If you are over the age of 35 years old still looking for a marriage or long-term relationship, a Russian bride is an amazing opportunity to meet a beautiful, nice, respectful woman. And it is!

BUT, you can’t just BUY a Russian BRIDE! That is just a myth

On the other hand, there are 1000’s of beautiful Russian women who are desperately seeking a
husband. But you will have to get to know them, learn about their likes and dislikes, and communicate with them like any other woman.

This is “great news” for guys over 35 who may have difficulty meeting woman and just want a long term relationship.

Why are Russian Brides seeking foreign husbands?

Due to a mis-matched population, where beautiful women out-weigh the men, young Russian girls (over 18 ;)) often look abroad for opportunity to meet a financially secure man.

Many also state that the weather is a big factor, when they are looking for men abroad. There are many parts of Russia where the weather is below FREEZING the entire year round!

Russia also has less economic opportunity than many parts of the world like the U.S., U.K., Australia, and Canada. These western nations have more work and learning opportunities for these nice young girls.

Many foreign brides would like to find love, better economic opportunity, and a better life in a new country. You CAN’T just buy these woman, they are NOT products, but these foreign bride sites give you the opportunity to start a life with a Russian woman who may not pay you much attention in your home country.

Where do Russian Brides Come From?

Many foreign brides come from areas with low economic opportunity and a gender imbalance like communities outside of Russian capital’s of Moscow. This includes the Ukraine and Siberia.

There are also many asian countries like Thailand or Vietnam with a similar gender imbalance and economic situation.

In these areas, high amounts of alcoholism, an impoverished community and less available men create a situation where woman are seeking to go elsewhere.

Russian Bride Scams

There are people who will always seek to cheat, and steal in order to get an advantage in their lives. This is true everywhere and is true with foreign bride services.

This is WHY you should sign up with a REPUTABLE Russian or Foreign bride agency.

Well known international bride agencies look bad if their customers are affected by scams. That is why they vet all of their potential brides, in order to make sure they are seeking a love based relationship.

If their customers are happy, their business will continue to grow.

Stick with large, well, known, Russian brider agencies and you will be able to meet beautiful Russian woman who are seeking love with a foreign husband.

Should you travel to meet your Russian Bride?

Part of the process in meeting a Russian overseas bride is traveling to their home country and visiting their surroundings. Seeing where the girl comes from is part of the process of getting to know your future bride.

Many future husbands of mail order brides think they can just send away for a beautiful girl and she’ll just show up at his doorstep. In some cases, this MAY be true. BUT, this isn’t recommended.

It is very important to get to know the girl, get to know her surroundings, meet her family, then you may consider bringing here to your home country.

Many countries that these woman reside in are interesting countries that would be great to explore and travel to. Many of these men will take trips to Russia, Thailand, or Colombia just to travel and meet the women whom they have been speaking with via skype or telephone.

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