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How to Buy a Columbian Mail Order Bride

For men that are seeking a foreign bride from a marriage agency, there are many types of women to choose from… (BUT you can’t actually BUY an bride!)

The “type” of bride that you want to meet will depend upon your personal preferences as far as looks, the type of relationship you want, the languages you speak, and maybe the distance to the brides home country.

Some men may be comfortable speaking Spanish, so a Latin or South American bride may fit more easily into their lifestyle. They may better understand the culture, language, and be able to fit this potential bride into their lifestyle.

Why do Columbian Woman use Marriage Agencies?

Columbia is a beautiful country with alot of poverty, crime, and not much economic opportunity.

If you believe the tagline of many latin bride agencies, there is an over-abundance of Columbian woman, at a ratio of 3 to 1. Some have said that this is a rather high estimate, but there is definitely a greater number of women than men.

Another problem that Columbian woman have which sends them rushing to bride agencies is the lack of opportunity and good jobs. There are many women who are educated, but the jobs are NOT available. Many are looking to relocate to a country in which they will be able to find work for the education that they have received.

What is the Dating Culture in Columbia Like?

There is a strong culture of family in Columbia, women are expected to marry by their early twenties.

The fact there is a small amount of suitable men who are well-known to cheat, sends them rushing to find men who will take care and respect them.

Columbia is second or third in mail order bride arrangements compared only to Russia and Thailand.

Women from Columbia are expected to take care of their families and have kids young. If they are not settled with children, byt their early twenties, they may be seen as an old maid.

Will Columbian Women Approach you?

The gender roles in Columbia are more traditional. Woman seem to be less likely to approach men, but are acceptable if you do approach them.

They are often open to men going up to them to meet, unlike the U.S. where you may have to get to know them as a friend first.

In order to date a Columbian woman, you have to be direct and to the point. They are receptive to meeting, but you will often have to make the first move. These women are very polite and will be friendly to the point where you aren’t sure if they are attracted to you or not.

What other reasons would a mail order bride want to leave Columbia?

Another reason that many Columbian women would like to get out of Columbia is the crime related to drug violence.

In recent years, the country has spiraled out of control with violence due to the drug cartels. Violence is common and it can be a dangerous place to live.

These women are seeking the safety of Western nations. They are mainly looking for economic opportunity, safety from crime, and a stable environment.

Are Columbian Girls more Emotional?

Latin American or Columbian women have a reputation for being emotional and fiery. They can be consumed by a new relationship and are easily invested in a new one.

It is very common for Columbians to drink, dance, and have fun. The night life in Columbia is booming and it is fairly easy to meet new people, even if you are a foreigner.

A common place for many tourists to go when they visit Columbia is Bogota or Medellin.

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