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How to Buy a Chinese Mail Order Bride

There are certain countries which have a bevy of single women looking to leave and marry a Western husband. These include Russia, the Ukraine, Thailand, and China.

China has an imbalance of single men and woman.

There are MANY woman with ages ranging from 20 – 30 year old, who are searching for a single man to marry and spend the rest of their life with.

This type of marriage arrangement is becoming more popular in asian countries like China and Vietnam.

Divorce Rates of Chinese Mail Order Brides

One interesting fact about mail order brides is that the “divorce rates” of Chinese brides are considerably lower than divorce rates throughout the rest of Western nations.

This is a shocking fact considering the impression that many have of these relationships. Online marriage agencies are responsible for around 5000 mariages per year.

Arrangements with Russian brides are the most common type of foreign bride marriage, but chinese brides have recently become more popular in this respect.

How do Marriage Agencies Introduce Single Men and Woman?

There are different types of services that “international marriage brokers” offer.

Some work with Western, European, South Korean men through websites that allow communication between husband seeking women and foreign men. Many allow live video chat between the woman and these men.

They also allow email communication, give men the ability to send gifts like flowers or chocolate, as well as pictures.

Another type of service that Foreign bride agencies offer are marriage tours. These marriage tour often occur in Russian, the Ukraine, Thailand, or China.

They allow foreign men to meet up to a hundred single and available brides. This allows men to bypass much of the polite online introduction and lets them see whether they are compatible or not. Due to a new law called the Marriage Broker Act, men must pass a criminal background check as well as a mental heath exam before any bride can get a marriage visa.

Are You Buying a Wife?

Many people in the Western world get the wrong impression of what a mail order bride arrangement is.

They often think that a man simply has to send money and in exchange is sent a beautiful Russian, Ukrainian Thai, or Chinese wife. This could not be further from the truth.

In order for a man to participate in a foreign bride arrangement, he must woo and get to know her just like any other type of relationship. He will speak with her on and offline, as well as visit her in her home country before the bride will agree to travel to the husband’s home country.

The main difference is that these woman are more likely to accept an older or less attractive husband. Their concern is to find a stable relationship which allows them to live a happy life and be removed from their living situation.

How can you meet a Chinese bride if you don’t speak the language?

If you are going to meet a foreign bride, you most likely will not speak the same language.

An online bride agency will usually offer translation services that allow the two suitors to better communicate with each other.

They can translate emails, live phone calls, or even translate in person. Translators are a common appendage on international bride tours. They allow much better communication between the potential husband and bride.

A translator will do their best to allow for better communication, but to stay out of the conversation. Many brides feel that even though communication is difficult, a translator may not be necessary. They often feel that they can communicate in spite of this language difference.

How Can You Meet a Chinese Bride?

There are many websites online that specialize in arranging marriages between men and Chinese brides.

It is important to work with a bride agency with a good reputation in order to avoid bride scams that can hit these men. If a bride is constantly asking the man to send money, it may be a signal that the potential bride is only looking for a paycheck.

By sticking to marriage agencies that look into the backgrounds of both the brides and husbands, they can avoid many of the problems that come with these bride agencies.

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