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Brazilian Mail Order Brides

Most men who seek relationships from marriage agencies, are only familiar with women from the most common countries like Russia, The Ukraine or Thailand.

Many don’t realize that there is a large demand for foreign husbands in latin american countries like Brazil or Columbia.

The differences in these areas don’t just stop at location. There is also a wide variance in attitude, culture, language, and customs of the people there.

There is a larger population of women, when compared to men, as well as unemployment, and poor economic opportunity.

What do Brazilian Women look like?

The women of Brazil are well-known to be curvy, energetic, fun, and have a culture of family. They are also known for their good looks.

If a brazilian woman is NOT married by the their early twenties, they can feel alot of family pressure to do so. This may lead them to seek out dating or marriage agencies, where they can find a foreign man to settle down with.

What language do they speak in Brazil?

Most Westerners assume that Spanish is spoken in Brazil, but they speak Portuguese.

If you speak a bit of Portuguese, you may have the advantage compared to many guys that only peak English or Spanish. Some girls are only open to dating men that are Brazilian, while other may be more open to dating “gringos”.

If you speak a bit of Portuguese, it helps and will allow you to meet more people if you visit Brazil.

Since Brazil is a Patriarchal society, you will likely have to make the first move. You don’t need to necessarily be aggressive, but you will have to start the conversation and direct it in the way you want.

Are Brazilian Women Well-Educated?

Brazilian women are very educated with over 50% of all new college student being women. A large percentage of these women (over 60%), go on to graduate.

Are looks important in Brazil?

Brazilians are well-known to be an extremely fitness obsessed and “looks” obsessed society. They are usually very fit, work-out hard, and pay attention to their clothes and make-up. Brazilians (and Venezuelans) usually end up in the runnings for the miss universe pageants and  many feel their society is obsessed with looks.

Are Marriages Between Brazilian and Western Men Successful?

Surprisingly, the answer to this question is often YES! Some statistics of the US immigration service showed that “marriages” arranged through “mail order bride” services are often more successful that traditional marriages.

It states that 80% of these marriages last longer than marriages which are attained through normal means. These statistics come from marriages which were arranged through a marriage agency. These are NOT from expats that decide to move down to Brazil. These marriages that are arranged through foreign bride agencies only have a 20% divorce rate.

There was also specific data on the divorce rate of Brazilian mail order brides, compared to traditional marriages. While the divorce rate between a traditional couple was about 50%, the rate between Brazilian “mail order” brides and Western men was 30%.

This divorce rate fell even lower with Russian and Eastern European women to as low as 15%, which is less than half of a normal marriage.

Are background checks done on brides and potential husbands?

Since the international marriage broker act was passed in 2005, background checks are required on both the men and the women. Both are required to pass criminal and mental health checks. This helps to ensure that there are not any dangerous situations or potential problems for both the woman and man in this situation.

Many marriage brokers were against this law at first, because they believed it would adversely affect their business. Many in the industry have grown to like the law, as many say it provides additional needed protections for the woman and men.

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